What are Video Slots?

Surely Video Slots are one of the most popular games in the online casinos. This is also visible by the fact that the industry is pushing the boundaries on those by producing more and more variations with always new features. Here at site we have an immense collection of the best video slots in the industry and also you will have the fantastic opportunity to play the video slots in fun mode so that you can try them out before getting involved with real cash. Before you head over to an online casino to play video slots tough make sure you have read corresponding slot reviews.

The fact that there are thousands of video slots available right now is great but can also make a beginner a bit intimidated. Do not worry as we got them all covered so if you go through our video slots review you will be able to almost immediately identify the pro and cons of each of them and make your decision easily.

Even if the diversity of video slots is stunning we are proud here at CasinoBiggestBonus.com to confirm that we do have one of the biggest collections of slots that you will find on the web. In addition to that you will also be able to see intuitively their maximum and minimum coins per line, number of paylines and reels, minimum and maximum coin size, presence of scatter multiplier, scatter and wild symbol, presence of free spins or bonus features.

So as you can see our team has done a brilliant job in regards to video slots and it is all in one place. So before you go off and start playing video slots make sure you read the few things that follow so you will know everything you need about this fascinating type of slots.

What are Video Slots?

A video slot machine is a new version of the traditional fruit-machine that we used to find in land-based casinos. In a nutshell is a graphical representation of a slot machine that do appear on screen. So the player is in fact playing a video game and this allow developers and softwares providers to offer lots more interactive elements than the traditional slot machines. For example you can enjoy advanced bonus games and also advanced video graphics.

A video slot machine normally has 5 reels slots where you can win with thousands of different combination: some video slots even come up to 3,025 winning lines and at those you will need to add special additional bonus games. Thanks to the technology you now have a much more interesting and engaging experience compared with the traditional 3-reel slot.

How do video slots work?

It is important to remember that video slots are games of chance: this means that sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose. There is basically nothing you can do to change the outcome as those games are almost completely run by computer programs. Despite there are thousands and thousands of different video slots in the market they are all played in a similar way: once you have mastered the different buttons and the payout tables you will be able to play any slots without any issues. This is one of the fact that makes video slots so popular as learning to play it is damn easy! Let’s take a look at the most important things to learn when playing a video slot:

  • Lines Per Spin: This is where you choose the number of paylines you want in the game. Almost always you can decide those yourself however there are slots where this is fixed.
  • Coin Size: This is where you set your coin value. This is basically your stake.
  • Bet Max: This is a function that allows you to automatically bet the maximum number of coins and paylines. It does what you could do manually but the aim here is to speed up the game
  • Cash/Collect: This is the button that allows you to cash out your money out of the slot machine.
  • Help/View Payouts: Here you can see additional information about the slot you are playing
  • Spin: When you press this button the reels will start to spin
  • AutoPlay: With this function you can set to spin the reels for a determined number of times. Similarly to the Bet Max function it does help to speed up the game.

We all know that once we get into an online casino all we want to do is playing but it is important to spend some time to read the information on the payout table as you will be able to get a very useful view on the games payouts, the bonus features and the betting requirements of that particular slot you are about to play.

For more information please read this article : The Best Online Slots Review

What are the bonus features?

Even if we are all very experienced in playing video slots here at CasinoBiggestBonus.com we also get quite surprised by the additional bonus games. Those are highly entertaining with some great graphic and in addition to that they also give you a whole new way to win money. The bonus games can vary significantly from one slot to another: some will take place on the reels while others will take place in a completely separate bonus game screen.

The most famous bonus features are Pick a Box, Free Spins, Wheel Fortune, Wild Multipliers, Expanding Wilds and lots more. As those give a unique way to diversify a video slot from the competition, developers come up with new features and bonus games all the time.

But how do you activate a bonus game? Well, it is quite easy as it’s only requires you to hit 3 or more special symbols on the active payline. Those symbols tend to vary from slot to slot but are scatter symbols, wild symbols or bonus symbols. Sometimes Wild symbols also act as a substitute for all other symbols apart the scatter which will however activate the likes of free spins or award multipliers. Bonus symbols have the function to activate bonus games.

In addition to bonus games in some video slots you will also have the opportunity to use a gamble feature: as the name suggests you will be given the chance to double your wins or lose everything. This feature is normally activated after you have clicked on the Gamble Button after you have won a spin.

Now that you know lots more about video slots take a look at our video slots reviews and our video slots promotions so make sure you are consistently updated on the slots in existence and the special offers available.

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