Dirty Dancing Slot Review

Dirty Dancing is one of the most iconic movies of all times, featuring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in lead roles. If you were a fan of the popular film, you will certainly fall in love with the Playtech slot with Dirty Dancing as the theme of the game. Dirty Dancing video slots will have you dancing up and down in your chair as you spin the reels and win big prizes. The slightly more experienced casino players will definitely appreciate playing this video slots, with a theme from a movie that marked their youth and will forever live in their memories as one of the cult films of all times.

Dirty Dancing Slot Gameplay

Dirty Dancing video slots is all about the popular 80s dancing movie. The main features of the game include Whirling Wilds, Mambo Free games and Johnny and Baby Jackpots, each motivated by a character or scene from the movie.

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Mystery Features included in the slots can also be triggered on each and every spin, and finding the Dirty Dancing Bonus or Mambo Free Spins will keep the player engaged throughout gameplay. The ultra-fast gameplay is complemented by the great number of features, meaning that something is always happening on the screen while playing Dirty Dancing, which is what video slots players definitely love to see.

Dirty Dancing Slot Audio and Video

Dirty Dancing is definitely a retro looking video slots, with symbols, background music and overall theme all looking very 80s. The background music is a slow number from the era, with symbols such as radios, records and Corvettes all perfectly representing the era when life seemed so much simpler.

Join Bet365 now and enjoy playing this amazing video slot, dance your life away with Johnny and Baby and travel back through time to one of the best eras of music and dance, the unforgettable 1980s.

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